Updated : 19-09-2019

1)Do not complete Daily surveys Multiple times within 24 hours, if you didn't follow this your account will get blocked and there will be no reply to your tickets and you won't get your payment.

2) Do not create multiple accounts if you do so all of your account will get blocked.

3) if we found suspicious activity on your account we will ask your identity proof to prove your account ownership if you failed to provide the necessary details your account will be closed permanently.

4) you must fill the details properly while withdrawing your money.

5) your name should match with your bank name.

6) do not mail us with abusive language if you do so we will take legal action against you.

7) do not create tickets for your upline or downline if his/her account get blocked.

8) we have the right to terminate your account without prior notice if the advertiser having issue with your lead quality.

9) if you are a old member here and earned a lot we trust your hard work and there is no need to worry.

10) you must use your real name and address and it must match with your bank or Verified paypal details if you are using fake details to register you will not get your payment make sure your details is up to date.

11) all payments will be sent within a 7 days time frame if we failed to send within that time you may contact us.

12) Indian users need to keep 2$ as reserved balance in their account before withdrawing if you did not keep the minimum balance we will deny your withdraw.

13) if you are withdrawing your money for the first time from this site you need to provide your UPI id for verification purpose only for (Indian's)